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    Slapciu Emil (Mittwoch, 25 April 2018 17:16)

    Sall faci si la' comanda ? adica mar interesa un sniper vreau sa stiu cat ar fi pretul cu tot cu mana de lucru si cu transport gata facut adc sa nu-l m-ai fac eu

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    SteeveTremblay (Montag, 23 April 2018 04:35)

    Je veux vous envoyer mes photos de mon projet de mon K9 ,mais j’ai pas votre email.

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    ken (Sonntag, 22 April 2018 15:25)

    can u get these in kit i would be very glad ificould

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    Richard Menor (Freitag, 13 April 2018 05:56)

    hello there. I want you to modify my rubber band shotgun but how can I send you the template. my email is yatot67tetay20@gmail.com

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    Clive (Sonntag, 08 April 2018 12:03)

    Hi, I love what you do, I enjoy building the guns and sowing it off, do you have more guns I can build please, I'm starting a collection now. Thanks agen, keep up the amazing work. And the cool guns

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    Kristian Hansen (Montag, 02 April 2018 04:04)

    Do you have 2D cad drawings or some other files for the lever action rifle? I want to cut it on my cnc router, but I don't want to draw all the parts from the PDF plans.

    I would gladly pay for them, if that is what you want :-)

    Love the work you do.

    My email is kris272e@hotmail.com.

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    Kristian Hansen (Montag, 02 April 2018 04:00)

    Do you have 2D cad drawings or some other files for the lever action rifle? I want to cut it on my cnc router, but I don't want to draw all the parts from the PDF plans.

    I would gladly pay for them, if that is what you want :-)

    Love the work you do.

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    Jehowa (Montag, 19 März 2018 13:46)

    Finaly finished construction of the AK47 - impressive!
    I hope you keep on constructing new rb-guns and share the manuals.
    Great job, keep it on!

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    Denis (Samstag, 17 März 2018 13:36)

    Hellow. Very coold website you have. Can I purchase a blueprint for sniper rifle in .cdr format? Because when I try to import pdf file the dimensions vary and does not import correctly.

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    Mikhail (Donnerstag, 15 März 2018 09:04)


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    Hal White (Dienstag, 13 März 2018 07:35)

    Has anyone modeled your designs into 3d prints.. The barrels can stay
    dowels (why try to replicate nature) Your diagrams and parts look to fit
    nearly any 3D printer out there..
    If you give your permission I would like to take a crack at modeling these
    and we could share the profits from some place like Shapeways.. thanks

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    Gabi (Samstag, 10 März 2018 11:32)

    Awesome projects and very detailed documentation. Thank you very much for your effort!

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    Tanakit Trakoonthai (Sonntag, 18 Februar 2018 13:50)

    Im going to start to make a rubberband gun this summer.I want to ask can i use other kind of wood? like Balza wood?.

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    Gabriel (Sonntag, 11 Februar 2018 10:11)

    bfgtcxd dexx s

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    Wood guy (Donnerstag, 08 Februar 2018 21:28)

    Your plans are awesome , I was wondering if you could make a kar89 or mauser (any gun with bolt action)?

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    Cody Cowart (Sonntag, 04 Februar 2018 07:13)

    Do you sell them built ?

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    Clarence (Samstag, 03 Februar 2018 14:02)

    Hello RBguns! I was wondering if the mechanism of the derringer can be used on a different gun design? Like a snub-nose revolver? Also, nice designs! Impressive engineering of different mechanisms!

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    Jehowa (Dienstag, 30 Januar 2018 22:29)

    Your manuals are AWESOME! Thanks alot for sharing.
    I already build the Deringer and the AK47 is under construction.
    Great job, keep it on and thanks again.

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    Switcher (Samstag, 27 Januar 2018 16:33)

    Hello RB Gun

    Coule hou do the scar in
    fortnite and Aldo the silent
    pistol,the rifle has ponpe

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    Eduardo (Samstag, 27 Januar 2018 04:36)

    Hello RB Guns.
    First of all, congratulations for your success! I am interested in making use of your plans for a profit. Are your plans free to use comercially or are you willing to do a licensing deal??
    Best regards.

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    Андрей (Mittwoch, 24 Januar 2018 10:13)

    Hello.Can you add some new authomatic rifles?PPSH-41 for example.

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    Paul (Montag, 15 Januar 2018 00:26)

    And make an turorial for the mp40

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    Paul (Sonntag, 14 Januar 2018 19:36)

    Hello , try to make a shell ejection desert eagle !

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    Manu (Mittwoch, 03 Januar 2018 09:02)

    Hello, your work is fantastic and very beautiful.
    can you tell me if it is possible to have the 3d file stl or another? for this gun https://www.rbguns.com/guns/l96a1/

    Best regards,
    have a good day

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    Mark (Dienstag, 02 Januar 2018 22:28)

    Having some trouble converting from metric to standard myself, are there any prints already converted?

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    Tristan (Freitag, 29 Dezember 2017 16:46)

    Just following up on my msg (below) from Nov.28th - is it possible to get a response?

    Again, I'm happy to make a purchase right away if a pre-made MP40 can be shipped to me.

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    felipe calderon (Freitag, 22 Dezember 2017 03:32)

    buenas,vivo en Bogota,Colombia, uds venden los modelos ya hechos por uds? me gustaria comprar un colt Single Action Army, Un Colt Walker, y un winchester rifle, cuales serian los precios de cada uno de estos articulos y si los envian a colombia. muchas gracias

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    Enzo Viero (Donnerstag, 21 Dezember 2017 21:20)

    Hola Buenas, tendrían algún manual en español?
    PD:Saludos desde Argentina y felices fiestas.

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    Mike Warner Sr (Freitag, 15 Dezember 2017 15:25)

    I wish to thank you for your kindness in giving away your plans for these great guns!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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    Keith (Dienstag, 12 Dezember 2017 01:42)

    Your MP40 is missing the assembly instructions in the PDF file. Do you have instructions for other rifles? I'm looking for American M4, MP5 and other assault rifles.

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    Alex (Dienstag, 05 Dezember 2017 04:52)

    Excelente video.
    Acabo de hacer el sniper y este es el siguiente.
    Se que no es tu estilo pero si hicieras un arco seria genial. ( el arco de Aloy de Horizon Zero Dawn)

    Excellent video.
    I just did the sniper and this is the next one.
    I know it's not your style but if you have a great bow it would be great. (the Aloy arch of Horizon Zero Dawn)

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    Tristan (Dienstag, 28 November 2017 22:45)

    Could you please sell me a kit for the MP40? Better still, would you sell me one that is already made? I would be interested in a ready-made M9, too. If so, could you please let me know the cost of each (and shipping to Canada).
    Thanks so much!
    - Tristan

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    Damon (Dienstag, 21 November 2017 17:39)

    How do you make the plans for your guns

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    Renato Lorenzi (Mittwoch, 15 November 2017 21:49)

    question of Derringer
    my e-mail is renato@dharma-it.it

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    Renato Lorenzi (Mittwoch, 15 November 2017 21:39)

    the model Derriger it's possible to buy? if it's ok how many cost?
    thanks a lot renato
    from Italy

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    Paul Campbell (Montag, 13 November 2017 22:22)

    want to talk with you about converting your plans to CNC and laser versions and selling them on our website we have a large customer base and have been online many years willing to pay you a royalty %25 of net each time one sells...also we have a laser here and could cut and market your guns in the USA please email me if interested paul@makecnc.com

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    Davide (Dienstag, 07 November 2017 11:56)

    Hello, my compliments for your rubber band guns and thanks for publishing free plans!
    I've made all your RBG (except the revolvers) and I subscribe the proposal of Kevin (sept2017) to make a gallery with fan realizations!
    They are realistic, easy to make and designed in a way that tolerate little working inaccuracies, a feature you can be proud of.
    When building however, I didn't follow the tutorial order, since it's impossible to sand interior parts if already glued to external pieces.
    If I can suggest, put reference points on all the pieces: it can be used with temporary small nails to align.
    The nails also mantain pieces in position when pressing them avoiding the creep I experienced in my first tries.
    Now I'm on AK47 and the only difficulty is to find the hardwood for the kick: where did you get it?
    Here in Italy local hardware stores have only solid spruce, solid pine or poplar plywood.
    Proposal for future RBGs (I know that are many!): FN P90, PPSh41, PPS-43, Luger P08, Tokarev TT-33, Steyr AUG, Mauser C96, Thompson M1A1, Sten.

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    Jeven (Montag, 06 November 2017 18:41)

    Hello. I was making the l96a1 and could not for the life in me, find 4 mm poplar plywood that ship or sells to canada. I was wondering if you could help me find it or if 4.98mm would change much. Thanks!

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    tiar rudiansyah (Montag, 30 Oktober 2017 16:31)

    Hello, I'm from Indonesia and I really like the Rubber Weapon you made, I want to ask, if after I make it this toy, can I sell it? please permit him before

    my email: trudiansyah@gmail.com

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    A. Smith (Freitag, 27 Oktober 2017 06:38)

    Hi folks,
    Just wondering when the AK-47 templates will be out. Can’t wait to make it! How long did it take you to make? Thanks.

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    Todd Shafer (Dienstag, 24 Oktober 2017 03:00)

    Hallo I am getting ready to build one of your L96A1 for my nephew and I was going over the templates and plans and I was wondering if you would have all the measurements and dimensions in standard instead of metric. If you don't than maybe you could give me some help. Again I am very eager to make one of these but am have a bit a difficult time converting it into standard. Thanks

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    Pétur Gabríel Gústavsson (Mittwoch, 11 Oktober 2017 20:06)

    Are difficult to build a rubber band machine gun?
    Can you finding a picture off it?

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    Kevin (Dienstag, 19 September 2017 13:39)

    Hi !
    I am a big fan of the stuff you make ,may i suggest that you put a page on your website with pictures of your follower's guns, i have my L96A1 to submit.

    Could ne a Nice showroom for your creations

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    Clyde Childress (Sonntag, 13 August 2017 00:46)

    Do you plan to offer any of these in a kit form?
    Also the Colt Revolver Plan you can make a change and add a
    Remington Style Barrel Web Ejector Part Plan to make a 1875
    Remington Model 3 Army Revolver.
    Thank you,
    Clyde Childress

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    Erfan (Freitag, 11 August 2017 08:54)

    Hi friend why are you stopped making guns. Make another models. I really love them. Thank you.

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    Star (Montag, 07 August 2017 19:50)

    Hallo, ich liebe deine Gummiband-Pistolen und habe mich gefragt, ob ich nach dem ich sie verkaufen könnte? Vielleicht auf Etsy ???
    Plz antworte mir bei adrisleach@hotmail.com
    Im auch mit Google übersetzen

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    Star (Montag, 07 August 2017 17:25)

    Hello, I absolutely love your Rubber Band Guns, and was wondering if after I make them I could sell them??? Maybe on Etsy???
    Plz answer me at adrisleach@hotmail.com

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    Atticus (Donnerstag, 03 August 2017 02:41)

    I was making the pump action rifle when I realized I did not know how you got the mesurements to cut the dowels. Please write back soon because my friend is having a Birthday Party and we are using rubber band guns.

    From Atticus

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    Scott Beam (Dienstag, 25 Juli 2017)

    Thanks for the fun plans. I altered the plans a little so I could build with black walnut and wild black cherry that I cut myself. I will be glad to send photos if you tell where you want them sent.

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    Dawid (Freitag, 23 Juni 2017 18:25)

    Hi there,

    Me and my friend are leading a workshop that produces wooden toys in Poland. Searching through the internet we found your wooden RBguns projects and we were very impressed. I’d like to ask: would you mind if we would use your projects to construct our own pistols? Writing honestly, we’d like to make the "DIY’s pistols” and sell them in our closest neighbourhood, but first w
    e’d like to know your oppinion about this, just to be calm. I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Have a nice day,