Frequently asked questions

-What type of glue do you use?
 PVAc wood glue (white glue)

-What size are the rubber bands?
 ø40mm (US #16) and ø100mm (US #116)

-Where can I get the plans?
 Download link in video description (Tutorial videos)

-May I ask you what kind of glue you use for gluing the paper on wood because you can take it off so easily. Thanks.
 It's Label paper

 Google: "label paper full sheet"

-I wonder what kind of wood you used and how thick?
 4mm poplar plywood (3mm plywood for the .44 Magnum)

-What is the size of the paper if its printed?
 You can use A4, letter or P4.

-What type of scroll saw you have?
 An old proxxon ds 230 e

-Where did you purchase the wood sheets?
 Local hardware store