MP40 rubber band gun

MP40  rubber band gun

Type:                    submachine gun
Length:                  645/888mm
Weight:                  539g
rubber band size:        ø100mm (US size 116)
capacity:                16 rounds
Maximum range:           6m
Effective firing range:  2,2m

parts:                   162

Original MP40

Type:                    submachine gun
Length:                  630/833mm
Weight:                  3970g
Cartridge:               9x19mm Parabellum
capacity:                32-round magazine
Effective firing range:  100-200m
In service:              1938-1945
Used by:                 Germany


I can't recommend to make this rubber band gun! It's a lot of work to make this gun and it's not worth it. It's only a prototype. It's not reliable.
A weak rubber band will stop the mechanism. The mechanism needs ca. 20% of the stretch power of each rubberband. So it's underpowered. It's difficult to get the mechanism to work. I don't have much fun to play with this gun because of all it's disadvantages.